Privacy Policy

Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully before using Clikix.
Please also note the following analogues:
  • Clikix – “we”, “us”, “our”
  • Any service that relates to and is provided by Clikix – “Services”
  • User/visitor/any entity that accesses and uses our Services – “you”, “your”, “yours”

1.0 Encryption

Codes that we generate for you and everything you create on your Clikix account will be encrypted. The administrators of Clikix and anyone outside of Clikix will not be able to view any code or information that is encrypted. Ownership of the code is solely yours, regardless of whether you use the code.

2.0 Account

Your profile picture and account information will not be shared with other users unless you decide to share them.

3.0 Billing

When we bill you, we will create an invoice. You must provide your current billing information such as billing address, state, postal code, country, and phone number (this information will also be encrypted). Without your current billing information, you cannot make any purchases that pertain to our Services. We will not use your billing information for any other purposes other than billing. Billing involves sharing your billing information with the third-party payment gateway that we currently use.
An invoice will be generated to your website portal and the email ID you provide us with.
Your credit card information will never be stored by us or our servers. We use a payment gateway called does not allow us to store any of your credit card information.
Please refer to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of

4.0 Passwords

You must have a secure password and are solely responsible for the type of password you use. If you have an insecure password, then you will be vulnerable to hacking.
We cannot reset your Clikix account password unless you confirm your ownership of that particular account.

5.0 Cookies

We will temporarily store cookies (user ID and username) on the web browser that you are currently signed in on. You will be notified when cookies are about to be stored. Passwords will never be stored in cookies.